An open source Internet of Things framework has been evolved from Europe's largest automation research project, founded by ECSEL Joint Undertaking.


Arrowhead project is governed within Eclipse Foundation. The Eclipse Foundation provides a proven governance framework and processes for entrepreneurial collaboration on sustainable, commercializable open source software that benefits developers, companies, and users alike. Members of our company are part of the project governance team.

The Arrowhead Framework is addressing IoT based automation and digitalisation. The generic concept is based on the principles of Service Oriented Architectures, and aims at enabling all of its users to work in a common and unified approach – leading towards high levels of interoperability. The approach taken is that the information exchange of elements in the Internet of Things is abstracted to loosely coupled services. This is to enable IoT interoperability in-between almost any IoT elements

The framework provides support for building system of systems (SoS) based on service-oriented architecture patterns. Each SoS consists of various Application systems already existing or under development. These Application systems then utilize the Core Systems developed as part of the Arrowhead project and their Services that provide support in addressing fundamental issues related to governance, operational management and security.

We believe that Eclipse Arrowhead, this microservice-based framework is the future of industrial system interoperability. If you wish to join, contact us and we help you to get your systems Arrowhead compliant.



The smallest unit of governance within the Arrowhead Framework is related to a Local Cloud, which in general is a closed, local industrial network. Each Local Cloud must at least host the mandatory core systems within its network: creating the minimal supported functionality needed to enable collaboration and information exchange between the various systems within the local cloud. The three mandatory systems for each Local Cloud are the ServiceRegistry, the Orchestrator and the Authorization.

In addition to the mandatory core systems, a number of additional, supporting core systems and services are provided to enable the design, engineering, operation and maintenance of IoT-based automation system of systems.


As one cloud may not able to serve for all apllication system, there is a need for service exchange between various local clouds. Inter-cloud information exchange is supported by Gatekeeper and Gateway Supporting Core Systems together with Arrowhead Relays, whereas security issues are covered through authentication, authorization and accounting functions, certificate handling and data encryption.

All inter-Cloud preparations are handled by the Gatekeepers until the Consumer System enters the neighbor cloud, in order to create the desired provider connection. When the direct service consumption is not allowed from a local cloud, then the connection is possible to established via the Gateways and a common Relay in a controlled and secure manner.

Basic Principles


We participate in the project management

We govern the development process

We support the partners

We develop core systems

We develop legacy adapters

The AITIA Arrowhead Adapter enables legacy systems to get Arrowhead compliant. On one side the device communicates with its own protocols, but on the other side it appears to be an Arrowhead compliant system, as well.

Productive4.0 is one of the many continuations of the Arrowhead project. The ambitious holistic innovation initiative, meant to open the doors to the potentials of Digital Industry and to maintain a leadership position of the industries in Europe. All partners involved is working on to create the capability to efficiently design and integrate hardware and software of Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Linking the real with the digital world takes more than just adding software to the hardware.

With 109 partners involved, Productive4.0 is Europe’s biggest research project in the field of Digital Industry. As a brain pool the Framework takes a step further towards hands-on solutions. Means of electronics and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) across the entire value chain are the key to enhanced production efficiency and significant gains.

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