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Our division produces highly usable, robust and efficient software and hardware systems for Hungarian and international market. The high innovation content of our solutions fits perfectly in our decade long experience in application development and system integration. We aim at incorporating the latest advances of technology into our products, solving our clients' every day needs.

Our most important concern is our clients' satisfaction. We offer special solutions to our clients' special problems! We offer Intelligent Solutions for Everyday Use.

The Telecommunications Division focuses on re­search and de­ve­lop­ment of net­work­ing services for GSM, GPRS, UMTS and LTE.

Our competence covers mobile core equipment for roaming, SMS and value added services, network mo­ni­toring of the circuit switch­ed and packet switch­ed core. The products we ship with great care and support are based on self-de­ve­loped, lossless, high-precision net­work in­ter­face cards for E1, STM-1, 1Gbit/s and 10Gbit/s Ethernet.

AITIA Telecommunications has 3x in engineering: expertise, excellence, excitement.

The speech tech­no­logy di­vi­sion of AITIA is work­ing act­ively on speech re­cog­ni­tion re­search and de­vel­op­ment for over a dec­ade. Our aim is to provide ap­plic­a­tions that sup­port com­puter-based pro­cessing and in­ter­pret­a­tion of hu­man speech.

Our speech re­cog­ni­tion-based solu­tions in­clude voice con­trol, con­tinu­ous re­cog­ni­tion of spon­tan­eous speech, auto­mat­ic tran­scrip­tion of me­dia archives, and speech ana­lyt­ics, among oth­ers.


Nested Portlets

Indoor Positioning System (IPS)

Aitia IPS solution provides a realtime, multi-floor positioning based on iBeacons. Our System shows users their location with +/- 3 m accuracy, automatically switching floors when its needed

SGA Traffic Generator

The complex telecommunication traffic generator (SGA-TG) is now used at Magyar Telekom for load testing of the mobile PS core.

CESAR road-show

CESAR road-show 2013. január 18-án "A magyar nyelv helyzete a digitális korban" címmel közös konferenciát szervezett az MTA Nyelvtudományi Intézete és a BME Távközlési és...